The School Leaders For America Mission

School Leaders for America is dedicated to advocate for educational reforms, stimulate leadership with the development of nontraditional leaders to promote high-quality education, honor the diversity of ideas, shape a school cultures to engender academic success and moral values, develop reflective practices that promote equity, and facilitate choice to access the maximum learning and achievement potential of all children and adults.

Need for Leadership in Schools

A recent study of principals and teachers in America identified that the number of available candidates for principal and teaching positions has decreased at the same time that the need has increased. This disparity exists in Colorado schools; the problem extends from the eastern plains to urban and suburban communities and to the western slope.

Another documented shortage in Colorado schools is for teachers with backgrounds in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Military candidates are a great resource to fill this need in schools because they have experience and high-level training in STEM subjects, in addition to leadership experience. This combination of training and experience yields high academic gains for students when military personnel take on teaching roles in Colorado schools.

In 2006 the Colorado State Board of Education authorized the development of alternative licensure programs to help school districts facing shortages of qualified principals and teachers. Alternative licensure allows districts to hire qualified principal and teacher candidates entering the profession from outside of education, or teachers entering leadership positions who are in need of a principal license. School Leaders for America trains highly qualified teacher and principal candidates to fill the need for school leaders in Colorado.

Colorado Authorization

School Leaders for America, a Colorado Board of Education approved alternative licensure program, prepares unlicensed assistant principal, principal, and teacher candidates to take on leadership roles in Colorado schools.

About the School Leaders for America Program

School Leaders for America offers an innovative program tailored to meet the needs of each candidate. Teacher and principal candidates begin teaching and leading immediately in participating districts,  applying skills acquired in their licensure courses with SLA faculty. All candidates must meet requirements established by the Colorado Department of Education to participate in this program and, upon completion, demonstrate proficiency on state standards for principals and teachers to earn licensure.