Troops to Principals:

Coming home to serve again


Troops to Principals is a unique principal leadership training program designed with former members of the Armed Forces of the United States in mind. Successful candidates earn a principal license in as little as 12 months.

The Military Candidate:

Military candidates offer a diverse range of leadership talent and real-world experience in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Whether they come from the National Guard,  Reserve, or have recently retired; these military candidates bring sought after leadership and technical skills to the field of education leadership.

Candidate Selection Process:

Candidate selection and induction are directed by a participating school district committees and the School Leaders for America leadership team.

Picture1The Program:

The SLA program helps the candidate to develop an Individual Licensure Plan. The candidate may choose elementary, middle or high school administration. Each candidate completes a 39 credit hour program and then is assigned a school or schools. The candidate takes the required course work and develops a portfolio of experiences at that school.  The program is designed around strong academic skills and application of those skills to a real school.  Each candidate works to successfully complete the State of Colorado knowledge benchmarks and standards.

Mentor Selection/Training/Evaluation

SLA mentors are highly effective principals and assistant principals from participating districts. They take part in ongoing professional development with SLA leadership, coaches, and teaching staff. All mentors hold a Professional Administrative License and are evaluated regularly by candidates and the SLA administration.

The Job of a Principal or Assistant Principal Intern

Each candidate serves as a Principal Intern or hold a principal-type position. Candidates may elect to split their time between an elementary school, middle, or high school.  In addition to a mentor, School Leaders provides a coach for all candidates.

Some duties include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Providing instructional and philosophical leadership for teachers,
  • Establishing systematic procedure for developing strategies and goals,
  • Using methods of evaluation to determine progress in achieving goals,
  • Observing teacher performance and completing district personnel performance documents on certified personnel,
  • Organizing faculty sessions on developing units of study and standards integration procedures,
  • Coaching individual teachers to improve instruction and student achievement using district or school assessment data system,
  • Reviewing district policy and regulations and building compliance,
  • Identify stakeholders who will be involved with the development of school accountability plan and working with them to establish a statement of purpose, allocate resources and identify the elements of the plan.


After satisfactory program completion, School Leaders for America and the school district issue an initial principal or assistant principal licence to the candidate.  To receive a professional licence, the candidate must submit their initial licence to the CDE and satisfy further district and CDE requirements.